Making sure your users get the right training for Stratsys

The user experience of an IT tool is often directly affected by the level of education and understanding that one has for it. For that reason it extremely important that you provide users with the right skills to understand and use the system in a satisfactory manner. This will ensure smooth implementation in your organization and achieve the best results using Stratsys tools.

Stratsys training is tailored to your needs, and the training content is based on the Stratsys deployment in your organization.

The right training to the right people

Different users require different levels of training. For that reason, Stratsys programs are customized for different roles, such as administrator and end-users. Learn more about our programs below.

User Training
For those working with operational activities in the system.

Administrator Training

Level 1 
For those who have to act as power users or admins in the organization, able to answer simple questions and assist users in their daily use.

Level 2
For those wishing to gain a deeper knowledg of the administrative level, we offer a comprehensive basic training of administrative functions, with a focus on being responsible for simple maintenance of the tool on their own.