Work Environment

Systematically improving your work environment in the Stratsys platform

Manage and Improve Your Work Environment

Plan, implement and follow up your systematic work environment efforts using the Stratsys platform

Stratsys gives your organization a tool that will structure and coordinate your systematic work environment efforts and make them a natural part of your daily operations.

Continuously improving with your work environment takes planning and care. Stratsys lets you work with the core activities of information-gathering, risk assessment and taking actions. All activities are planned, implemented and followed up with the support of Stratsys. Together with uniform reports firmly anchored in your overall plan, a common thread links all work environment issues in all parts of the organization.

Plan it – Plan the work environment

Plan the work environment and ensure a clear division of responsibilities and tasks which all follow the established structures and procedures you have defined. Make your work visible with investigations, add risk assessments, create actions and action plans. The resulting work becomes uniform and the requirements become very clear for everyone in your organization.

Do it – Implement improvements

Having action plans in Stratsys creates the opportunity for interaction and involves employees directly in issues that affect the work environment. Each person's responsibilities, tasks and time frame are made visible in the Action Plan, as well as their personal to-do list. The studies, risks and measures implemented throughout the year are updated automatically, and the action plan is in turn continually updated.

Review it - Analyze The Results

Stratsys handles the annual monitoring very effectively. At the top level is an overall picture of how the work environment issues are handled throughout the organization.

It is easy to check the results of any measures implemented. Monitoring and status reports provide the foundation for analysis, allowing the work environment to be improved systematically, with a clear link to the plan.

Stratsys makes it is possible to work with several regulatory documents in parallel and the creation of reports is simple and straightforward.

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