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RunYourMeeting in the Stratsys platform

RunYourMeeting will make life easier for your organization in a way that no other tool can. Reach your goals faster by preparing, holding and following up meetings effectively.

How often do you attend meetings where attendees are poorly prepared and previous decisions haven’t been followed up? Meetings are often held without agendas, and action points are seldom followed up in the next meeting.

The good news is that you are not alone -  and Stratsys RunYourMeeting can help you prepare, implement and follow up meetings in a transparent, effective manner.

Plan it – Preparing Your Meeting

In RunYourMeeting, you start by creating an agenda with descriptions and accompanying documents. It means that everyone is well-briefed about the issues to be discussed before they get to the meeting.

Do it – Conducting Your Meeting

The meeting minutes can be quickly written by adding notes, activities and those responsible for them, as well as due dates and any decisions made.

Activities decided at the meeting are automatically updated into the personal to-do list of the person responsible.


Review it - Following Up Your Meeting

After your meeting you get a clear overview of what needs to be done and the current status of activities, and you can quickly see what has been implemented and what has not.

There are overall activity logs for individual meetings, as well as for recurring ones. For regular meetings, it is very simple to follow up on the previous minutes – something that can often be easy to miss without a dedicated tool to record them.


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