Map and analyze risk in a systematic way

Risk management made easy

Keeping track of risks is a vital part of your operation, but not every organization does it in a systematic and consistent way. The Stratsys Risk Management module makes it easy to identify and analyze your risks.

These might include risks linked to strategic plans, management objectives, projects, systematic quality assurance or independent risk documents. Based on the risk assessment, you can then create activity-based plans, follow them up and report your findings across the business.

Plan it - Identify The Risks

By using Stratsys to manage the organization's risks you can create a uniform structure and a clear link between objectives and associated risks. You can add a risk and its probability to calculate a risk value, and analyze and prioritize your risk situation in heatmaps and analysis views.

If a risk is considered high, you can easily insert a risk minimization measure, and designate a person responsible, as well as determining how monitoring will take place.

Do it - Reducing Risk

Activities that are developed to reduce risk are automatically added to the to-do list of the person responsible. Working with the activities reduces the identified risks, and managers and employees can monitor activities in real time to ensure implementation.

Review it - Analyze risks over time

Survey the risks facing your organization in a risk matrix and follow trends over time through changes in the risk values ​​and comments.

The risk matrix is ​​interactive, which makes it easy to analyze effectively. It is possible to filter out the risks in specific areas of the matrix; the risks considered both serious and likely are located in the red area.

If you use Stratsys Reporting you can also create risk reports, or include a risk section in monitoring reports.