Streamline your reporting process and make more time for analysis

Streamline your reporting process

Stratsys helps you gather relevant information to inform your decision-making, allowing you to be quick and agile in how you run your organization.  

Do you have several people writing and reviewing the same report? Do you feel that the quality of the data varies too much?  

Stratsys Reporting streamlines the reporting process in organizations of all shapes and sizes - creating clear, concise reports and freeing up more time for analysis.


Plan it – Creating Your Report Template

The days of sending out a Word template and getting back a jumble of facts, fonts and fuzzy diagrams are over. The Stratsys Reporting Tool allows you to create a template that is distributed to the relevant personnel, with clear instructions as to what is required.

You can limit the scope of their responses by setting word or character limits, and specify deadlines for completion.  


Do it – Reporting Throughout Your Organization

Stratsys allows several people to work on the report at the same time, and you don’t have to worry about users editing the wrong version; in Stratsys there is only one version of the report, and you always have access to the latest information.

On publication, notes for each section are included and recurring reports have access to previous versions for comparison purposes. It is also easy to see what other parts of the organization have reported, and to use that information as a basis for your analysis.


Review it - Compare and analyze

Stratsys makes it easy to analyze information before, during and after publication. With a few clicks, you can generate summaries of what different parts of the organization have reported about specific issues, enabling you to easily make comparisons and write your summary.

When the report is complete you can export it at the push of a button as a PDF or Word file, with the content presented based on your desired graphic profile.

Stratsys simplifies your reporting process considerably, allowing you to concentrate on improving your results.

Johan Kusoffsky

Business Manager, Healthcare, Authorities and Corporations

M: +46 (0)70 480 82 02