Quality Control for Schools

Structure and coordinate the systematic quality control efforts to make them a natural part of your daily school routines.

Ensuring excellence in education

In Sweden, quality control in schools is governed by the Education Act (2010: 800), which requires principals and managers of schools and preschools to systematically and continually follow up activities, analyze the results in relation to the national targets and work on the planning and development of education.

Tailored to the working processes of your school, Stratsys enables schools to structure and coordinate the systematic quality control work in the school system, making it a natural part of daily operations.

Plan it – Creating the structure and prioritizing the goals

With Stratsys, you can plan the systematic quality work based on the various areas of the national curriculum, ensuring a clear division of responsibilities and tasks which all follow the established structure and procedures you have defined.

A good start might be to get an overview of the organization and highlight the work necessary with the help of checklists, timelines, activities and action plans.

Stratsys supports a goal-oriented, systematic and long-term approach to the prioritization of objectives and measures. The work becomes uniform and requirements are clear to the entire organization.

Do it – Carry out activities

Stratsys allows reporting managers at each school unit to quickly and easily present the results from their curriculum areas. The developmental needs are identified and linked to activities, responsibility and deadlines are assigned. 

These are automatically added to the to-do list of the person responsible. Everyone can keep track of progress via graphs and an activity list. All information can then be collated into reports that can be easily amended and adjusted as required.

Review it - Analyze and compare results

Stratsys makes it easy to prepare data for analysis and compile follow-ups for different departments. The filtering options allow you to see the latest status of all activities in a particular curriculum area.

The information from checklists can be used to create diagrams that can easily show you the answers from every department.  

Financial performance is followed over time and can be illustrated using graphs and trend arrows. A few simple clicks will get everything compiled in a report. The transparency of the tool facilitates and simplifies the learning environment and development in the organization.

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