Business plan

Stratsys makes your business and strategic plans come alive.  

Reach your goals quicker with the Stratsys platform

Business Plan is a standard product in the Stratsys platform. It can be quickly and easily configured for your policy documents. The entire process of planning, executing and following up is made easier, and you can quickly create well-founded analyses and follow-up reports at any time.

Plan it – Create Your Business Plan

Overall objectives and strategies are put into the Stratsys platform and distributed throughout the organization. They are then broken down into operational business targets spread out through the organization. Metrics and activities which facilitate performance monitoring are linked to the objectives, clearly showing what needs to be done in order to achieve them.

Do it – Take Action

The governing documents come alive through the continuous activities related to your objectives. Stratsys simplifies the operational work by providing a clear overview of the responsibilities, the time frame and related Gantt charts. Activities linked to the policy documents end up automatically in the personal to-do list of the person responsible for executing them.

Review it - Analyze The Results

Following up the policy documents in Stratsys is simple. By filtering data and using clear colors and gauges, an excellent foundation for analysis is created. With a few clicks, it is possible to see the status of all activities undertaken in the organization around a specific goal. You can also see what has been implemented or delayed. Revenue reporting is made easy by the compilations of various reports that follow the organisation's graphic profile.