Healthcare Choice System

Swedish healthcare legislation compels every county to offer citizens the right to choose between different primary care providers.

Making informed decisions about healthcare

In Sweden, all care providers that meet the requirements of the county council have the right to establish themselves in primary care and thus receive compensation from the public purse.

The basis of the free choice system is that remuneration follows the individual, and that private and public healthcare providers are treated equally.

This requires regional governments to continuously follow up the health care providers involved in the system.

Plan it – Developing indicators and questions

Based on the follow-up model for healthcare adopted by the local authority, relevant indicators and questions can be decided to assist in the monitoring and follow-up process. Stratsys makes it easy to grasp the relevant indicators that caregivers are measured against, and to document these definitions and data sources. These indicators are used as the basis for compensation.

Do it – Gathering information

When the relevant indicators and questions are formulated, it is easy to distribute them to the appropriate caregivers. Stratsys makes it possible to clearly show who is responsible for reporting the numbers.

Healthcare providers are given the opportunity to concentrate on the most relevant issues and indicators, and they themselves must provide the data. Indicators backed by centralized data can be analyzed and examined to see why it looks the way it does.

Review it - Analyze and compare results

The follow-up process is made simple by the ease with which the answers and data can be collated. Because the information is gathered in the same place, the monitoring and reporting processes within the system are made easier.

Custom reports can be created at the push of a button and used either as a basis for dialogue with a health care provider, or a report that focuses on results and analysis of one or more caregivers.


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