Equality Planning

A gender equality planning tool aimed at promoting equal opportunities for women and men in the workplace.

Ensuring equality in your organization

According to Sweden's Discrimination Act, all employers with 25 employees or more are required to make a gender equality plan every three years. 

A big part of that challenge is making a plan that pervades the working environment on a daily basis, rather than being locked away in a drawer. 

The Stratsys platform facillitates your gender equality work, maintaining a common thread through planning, implementation and analysis.

Stratsys also offers a survey function where questionnaires can be distributed to different departments and the answers compiled in reports.

Plan it – Break down goals, policies and action plans

Plan your gender equality work by breaking down the organization's goals, policies and action plans and adapt the tool to suit the local conditions. Stratsys creates order and transparency, making it is easy to see a common thread of gender equality.

Do it – Perform actions

Action plans are implemented to drive progress towards the goals set out in the plan. The action plans can be broken down into operational activities, with responsibility spread across multiple parties.

The activities are automatically added to the to-do list of the responsible person. Gantt charts make it easy to see the status of implementation.

Review it - Follow up the achievement of targets

By following up your targets in custom analysis views, it is easy to see if the actions undertaken achieved the desired effects or if they need further adjustment.  It is also simple to run reports tailored for different reporting requirements at any time, using just a few clicks. 

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