Managing your environmental impact

One way to reduce environmental impact is to implement an environmental management system. This means having a structured approach and collecting all policies, plans, and reports relating to the environment in a management system that can be monitored continuously during the fiscal year.

Organizations commonly certify their environmental management systems using ISO or EMAS, and Stratsys supports efforts to achieve their certification requirements. You can develop, implement and follow up the environmental plan with the help of Stratsys.

Plan it - Formulate environmental plan

Stratsys can help you create a common, structured follow-up process for all levels of the organization where the common theme is developed from environmental policies, objectives, activities and metrics. Descriptions, references and supporting documents are easy to create, and the division of responsibility becomes clear.

Do it - Conduct environmental plan

The environmental plan is made operational by activities linked to the objectives implemented. Activities end up automatically in the personal to-do list of the person responsible.

Review it - Follow up the environmental plan

Clear color markings, trend arrows and graphs make it easy to see the status of progress towards goals. With a few keystrokes, you can generate an environmental statement with progress towards goals, metrics and activities, as well as follow-up comments and additional information.

The module can also present the objectives and follow-up in real time on an external website or intranet.


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