Project Management

Plan, execute and follow-up in the Stratsys platform

Plan, execute and monitor your projects

Stratsys Project gives you valuable support in the strategic planning, execution and monitoring of projects.

Stratsys Project provides an excellent overview of projects linked to strategic plans, as well as projects that are completely independent and take place over a shorter period. It's easy to follow the projects that are planned, to see the status of ongoing projects, and to evaluate how completed projects went.

Plan it - Plan project

Projects are prepared, adding planned activities and relevant information such as the start and end dates, the record date, persons responsible, priorities, decision-making processes, risks, resources etc. The projects are visualized in Gantt charts and tables for easy viewing. Project directions and plans can easily be created with a few clicks.

Do it - Carry out activities

Activities related to the projects are automatically added to the personal to-do list of the person responsible. It is easy for the project manager to monitor the status, which activities are completed and if the project has not reached any of its goals. Status reports can easily be generated for presentation to the steering committee or management team.

Review it - follow up project

Stratsys provides excellent support when it comes to monitoring and reporting the results of a project. With the help of clear colors, it is easy to follow the status of the project and its activities. The comments field helps you analyze and evaluate during and after projects. If the analysis shows that it is necessary, changes can be made quickly. Stratsys Project also serves as a knowledge bank, where documentation is collected for planned, ongoing and completed projects.