Deviation Management

Working with deviations for constant improvement.

Making the most of your differences

Stratsys is an excellent addition to your deviation management system, where deviations are not only considered on an individual basis but it's also easy to take a more holistic view and analyze the entire organization. 

When the analysis groundwork is done, it's easy to create actions and distribute them to to all areas of the organization where there is potential for improvement.

The monitoring of these actions is easily managed in Stratsys, and the result is that the organization continuously improves. 

Plan it 

Deviations are added to Stratsys via integration with the deviation management system. You can also report any deviations manually in Stratsys.

The deviations are categorized and aggregated so that the individual departments or indeed the entire organization can be easily audited.

Do it 

Actions related to the deviations are created, and responsibility and due dates assigned. 

The person responsible for each action has it automatically added to their to-do list and an e-mail reminder is sent as the deadline approaches. In summary views, users can follow the status of the actions for the different areas and categories.

Review it 

The deviations are aggregated automatically, making it easy to produce analysis for different levels of the organization. By analyzing the deviations in interactive charts, comparisons over time and between different departments can be made. Any deviation can be automatically downloaded into Stratsys reports, such as monthly report or patient reports.

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