Corporate Social Responsibility

Manage your sustainability work effectively with common themes running through planning, implementation and analysis.

Planning, managing and reporting your CSR activities

With requirements for sustainability reporting increasing, Stratsys gives you the tools you need to plan, execute and report your CSR efforts. 

In 2014 the European Commission adopted a directive requiring all EU Member States to introduce compulsory sustainability reporting within two years.

That means that from 2017, around 2,000 Swedish companies will have to present how their operations manage issues such as the environment, human rights, social conditions and anti-corruption measures.

CSR / Sustainability in Stratsys platform

Organizations that take economic, social and environmental responsibility are important for the development of society. Doing so also strengthens relationships with employees, customers and investors. In the long run, such structured sustainability initiatives contribute to growth and profitability.

In Stratsys, sustainability work is handled in an efficient manner with a common thread between planning, execution and analysis. Additionally, Stratsys offers templates that allow you to present key sustainability data, using standards frequently used in sustainability reporting such as GRI, OECD and ISO 26000th

Plan it - Breaking down goals, policies and action plans

Plan the organization's sustainability work by breaking down the goals, policies and action plans of the organization and adapting the tool to the local conditions. Using Stratsys creates order and it is easy to see a common thread running through your sustainability efforts.

Do it - Perform action

Implement action plans to drive progress towards the goals set in the plan. The action plans can be broken down into operational activities to spread responsibility across multiple parties. The activities are automatically added to the to-do list of the person responsible. Gantt charts make it easy to see the status of implementation.

Review it – Analyzing the goals

By following the achievement of targets in custom analysis views, it is easy to see if the work towards the goals has gone according to plan or if anything needs adjustment. With a few click you can easily run reports adapted to different accounting requirements at any time.