Contract Management

Manage and control your contracts and suppliers with Stratsys

Maintaining the best deals for your organization

Managing contracts in a structured manner requires firm control over revenue and expenditure. A good contract management system is also vital to ensuring that the organization obeys the relevant laws and meets the required standards and regulatory requirements.

Deficiencies can lead to delivery failures and non-fulfillment of existing agreements, as well as the risk that the organization misses out on valuable experience for future procurement processes.

Stratsys provides an easy way to gain clarity and to provide a solid structure for your contract management operation.

Plan it – Documenting agreements

Stratsys allows you to structure your organization's contracts in different areas or categories for a better overview. You can then document important parameters in the agreements such as various terms, contract clauses and expiration dates.

Do it - Reminders of important dates

Stratsys gives you an excellent overview of when your contracts are due to expire. You can also get automatic reminders for when specific deliverables in various contracts are due. 

Review it - Follow up agreements in time

Follow-up of the agreements can and should take place continuously throughout the year. Notification of contracts about to expire or when one party violates the agreement gives you the scope to act in time.