Stratsys Citizen Portal

The Stratsys Citizen Portal is used mainly by municipalities to increase transparency. It makes information used in local government available to the public. 

Open, accountable governance using the Stratsys Citizen Portal

The Citizen Portal makes it easy to display data directly on the municipal website. Without leaving it, citizens can compare the different providers of municipal services and get a better picture of how the municipality stands in relation to others around the country.

The Citizen Portal's three modules


Comparison allows citizens to directly compare services such as education and elderly care on the municipality’s website.

The comparison service is continuously developing - in the latest version, the service has been made fully responsive which means it works just as well on a smartphone as on a computer. Search capabilities and reporting of results have also been improved, to make it even easier for citizens to filter out and rank the units based on the parameters closest to their heart. 

Publishing of Key Figures

The publishing of key figures using Stratsys makes it easy for citizens to get a picture of the municipality’s performance in various areas by accessing measurements on the organization's website.

For the citizen, it is also possible to read the comments and analysis of the outcomes, which gives a deeper understanding of the results. The most notable publication is the municipality's “Quality in Brief” (KKiK) and it can be displayed in a simple manner adapted to suit the needs of citizens. It is also possible to compare how the organization is doing in comparison with other similar organizations. 

Kolada Integration

Stratsys Integration Services is a standard adapter for the retrieval of data from Kolada to Stratsys, which makes it easy to retrieve the selected data. The ratios may be retrieved for the Stratsys plans and also shown in the comparison service or key figures published on your website.

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