Create, delegate and analyze the results of all kinds of checklists on the Stratsys platform.

Simple checklists ensure excellent results

It's easy to manage checklists using Stratsys. The responses from the checklists are compiled in real time and illustrated using clear color markings and diagrams. Examples include checklists for safety inspections, internal audits, quality audits, environmental audits, risk analysis, competence development and surveys.

The checklists are categorized and tailored for different parts of the organization. All documentation is in kept in one place with clear traceability and document history. It's easy to get an overview of what needs to be done to improve in certain areas. When necessary, you can quickly add activities to correct deficiencies.

Plan it – Develop checklists

It is easy to create checklist questions that are distributed throughout your organization. Different issues may have different options. The questions are amortized, which means that it is easy to manage recurring checklists.

Do it – to gather responses from the devices

Those responding to questions can do so easily using a PC or a tablet. You can add comments to the answers and delegate actions with deadlines. These actions are automatically added to the to-do list of the person responsible.

Review it - Analyze The Results

It is easy to analyze the responses from the checklists. At the top level pie charts are used to illustrate which answers were given. It is also very easy to drill down to see the comments and actions.