Activity Budgets

Maintain control of the time and resources it takes to execute the activities in your plans.

Keeping track of your costs and resources

Easily connect costs and time resources to the activities in your plans with the Stratsys Activity Budget module.

Budgeted costs and planned time are easily summed up and related to different objectives or processes. These can be integrated with financial or HR systems, allowing the organization to closely monitor the cost of reaching specific targets and the amount of staff resources used in a particular process or project..

Plan it – Plan resources

Stratsys Activity Budget can be used for all kinds of business plans, processes or projects. The module makes it clear what resources are necessary for every task.


Do it – Break down to individual employees

Stratsys allows you to plan for each individual employee in a structured and transparent way. The information is all gathered in one place and updated in real time, simplifying the sharing of resources between departments or projects.

Review it - Follow up budget

The information may be grouped, sorted and summarized in various ways depending on the needs of different users. Reprioritizations can be made quickly because the system always contains the latest information.

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