Stratsys for Companies

Powerful tools for performance management.

Drive your business forward and meet your goals quicker by planning, monitoring and following up with Stratsys. 

When it comes to running your business effectively, Stratsys products can take a great deal of weight off your shoulders. The platform helps you implement the decisions taken, leading the company to achieving its goals more quickly and ultimately leading to stronger growth and higher profitability.

All businesses need to 'plan, do and review'. That may involve business plans, projects, recurring meetings, reporting processes, internal control plans, CSR and environmental plans.

Today, this kind of work is often handled by a myriad of Word, Excel or PowerPoint files. Or maybe you've inherited some sort of custom-made set-up from your local IT department. 

These systems can work, but Stratsys has a better solution.

Stratsys products are implemented and deployed based on the needs of your company. The common denominator is that they make it easy to plan, implement and follow up on things.

They bring order to your business and everyone in your company has a personal to-do list, where activities have a common thread leading back to the business plan, meeting or project where they were created.

With Stratsys it is easy to visualize goals and strategies for the entire enterprise. You can use a strategic map and link to objectives, metrics and activities. Business objectives are followed up clearly and transparently in different parts of the company, and activities are undertaken to drive the company forward in its efforts to achieve its goals.

Stratsys makes it easy to visualize goals and strategies, and it makes the process of following up just as easy, with structured meetings, setting up a risk matrix or managing a reporting process. 

With the Stratsys platform you get everything in one place. 

Andreas Brandin

Business Manager, Municipalities

M: +46 (0)70 343 10 14