Local Authorities -

Stratsys for Local Authorities

Execute and monitor your plans.

Stratsys helps authorities and agencies to plan their activities based on the different governing documents that steer the organizations. 

Planning and monitoring processes are made more efficient, ensuring that the organization is working in a uniform way, including business planning, risk assessment, control activities and monitoring.

With Stratsys the authrotiy is managed in an effective way.  Planning and monitoring processes are streamlined and the common thread between the government mandate, the general objectives and the activities undertaken are visualized and made clear.
Instead of manually collecting information and data, as well as self-created reports, everything is linked together in Stratsys to create a better overview of status and results in real time for all employees.
With Stratsys, the time spent on reporting and the compilation of business-critical information is reduced significantly so that more time can be spent on analysis.
All the work is done directly in the tool, and at the push of a button it is possible to generate business plans and follow-up reports in the desired format.
Stratsys helps authorities to plan, implement and monitor their various policy documents in an efficient way.
Over 40 Swedish agencies, employing everything from six to six thousand people, are currently using Stratsys.