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Stratsys for Associations

Achieve your association's goals by increasing transparency.

Presenting and highlighting the work of your association is becoming increasingly important, as demands for transparency, effectiveness and reporting from members increase.

Stratsys ensures that there is a common thread when breaking down goals into actions, so that members can get an overview of the objectives of the association and how they will be achieved.

Doing so creates commitment and a common drive to work towards your goals. 

Stratsys helps associations implement a common and transparent method for performance planning, while the continuous monitoring and analysis of business plans becomes more efficient. 

Operational processes and procedures are coordinated, broken down into metrics and activities and distributed throughout the organization.

Instead of manual collection and self-designed reports, everything is linked together in the tool, which creates a better overview and generates results in real time for all employees. 

Stratsys provides a platform which the association can use to plan their activities on the basis of all regulatory documents, breaking down its goals.

With Stratsys, the time spent on reporting and compilation of business-critical information is reduced considerably. All the work is done directly on the platform and at the touch of a button it is possible to generate business plans, as well as monthly and annual reports in any format.

Stratsys helps associations plan, implement and monitor the execution of its policy documents.