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Stratsys for Healthcare

Streamling management of healthcare providers.

There are increasing demands for quality and transparency in healthcare at the same time as budgets are falling. Stratsys helps providers optimize and maximize their returns.  

The platform provides support for the entire organization's planning and monitoring processes. By linking activities to targets, the day-to-day operation can be captured and the value chain visualized, bringing policy documents to life.

The organization's work is made more efficient, all the way from planning and documentation to the operational aspects such as monitoring, analysis and reporting. Responsibility for the goals, measures and activities are allocated to the different units, which can then continue working towards their aims.

With Stratsys, the time spent on reporting and compilation of business-critical information is dramatically reduced. All the work is done directly on the platform and at the touch of a button it is possible to generate business plans, interim reports and patient reports in any format.

Stratsys helps healthcare providers to plan, implement and monitor their various policy documents in an efficient manner.

Anna Modin

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