Welcome to Stratsys!

About us

The Stratsys platform is a complete suite of products and modules that will revolutionize your organization and its strategic work, making it more effective, more transparent and more cost-efficient.

There's a plethora of different models that illustrate how to get an organization to work on strategies in a structured way to achieve their goals and visions. The starting point for Stratsys 2000 was the Balanced Scorecard, but over the years we have become more humble and think that regardless of the model, there is a need to do three things:

1) Plan

2) Do

3) Review

Our vision is to simplify working life in exactly the same way as our private lives have been revolutionized.

Think about how you manage your friends in Facebook, colleagues in Linkedin, Instagram photos, listening to music in Spotify, to name just a few. Everything about our private lives has changed in the last ten years, but many of us still deal with strategy in the same way as we did at the turn of the century, storing the minutes from meetings in Word documents and mailing attachments between groups and individuals.

Stratsys aims to revolutionize organizations in a similar way.  Our portfolio contains products and solutions that help organizations deliver their strategic goals.