Plan and monitor your operations using Stratsys

Stratsys makes it easy to streamline your planning, implementation and follow-up work - no matter how big the organization. With its logical tools and easy-to-navigate interfaces, Stratsys makes sure things get done in the right way and at the right time - all leading to you achieving your goals.

Plan it

Big or small, it all starts with a plan. It could be anything from a meeting with a small number of participants to a business plan for the entire organization. Based on that plan, activities are created and assigned to those responsible for their execution.

Do it

Each user has a personal to-do list populated with activities by Stratsys. It could be activities related to a business plan, a project or a meeting. Everyone has full visibility of what needs to be done, of who's responsible for executing it - and when.

Review it

Stratsys makes it possible to see the status of your plans, what has been done and what is lagging behind - at any time. Have we executed everything that we agreed on in the meeting or the plan? Are we setting an example by being good role models for others in our organization? With Stratsys you can get the answers to your questions. Quickly.



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Region and County

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Membership Organizations

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Stratsys Integration Services is an open integration platform with ready-made adapters that connect to several systems. 

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Make every meeting matter!

Make every meeting matter with RunYourMeeting. The cloud-based tool that makes every meeting productive.

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Stratsys in three minutes

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