Balanced Scorecard

Create, implement and follow up strategies using Stratsys Balanced Scorecard

Keep your strategy on track

Stratsys helps you bring your strategic vision to life, bringing it into the heart of your organization's daily work. 

The Stratsys Balanced Scorecard is used to visualize the organization's strategy by linking it to various metrics, and is a great way to anchor the strategy of the organization and follow up its impact.

A standard deployment of Balanced Scorecard begins with the creation of a strategic map of the organization. Activities related to the strategies as well as relevant metrics are being created, resulting in the possibility to analyze any part of the organization - at any time.

Plan it - Creating The Strategic Map

Input your strategies and allocate and adapt them to different parts of your organization. Link metrics to monitor the effect of the strategy over time.

Do it – Executing Activities

Activities to implement the strategy are created and are automatically added to the personal to-do list of the person responsible for their execution.

Review it - Analyzing the Results

The strategy is visualized in a strategic map, which contributes to a comprehensive overview and understanding of your organization and its goals. The map displays strategies categorized by perspective, and clear colors indicate progress toward goals for the linked metrics.


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